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About Fresh Garden Roses

Garden Roses

Garden roses are absolute showstoppers. Their large, open blooms with wildly folded petals demand to be the center of attention. Garden Roses are the divas of the flower world and expect to be treated as such.

In other words, to be willing to look and perform their best, garden roses need to be lavished with a lot of love and care, and a little humoring also wouldn't hurt. In order to help you understand their quirks, we've created the following list of explanations:

1. Mother nature kisses each garden rose a little differently
Garden roses are not flawless beauties. They do have their imperfections, including spots on petals, variations in color, blooms that open very quickly and others that remain in bud form. Garden roses are not uniform...each and every bloom is different and there may even be a few stems that you will not include in your arrangements in order to create a more consistent display. This is part of the preparation and design process with garden roses. As you prep your flowers, removing their packaging and trimming away the leaves and thorns, you may even toss out a few stems as part of this process. This is the same process that florists undergo when professionally arranging roses.

2. Garden roses are impulsive. When they get the urge, they open fully and quickly, sometimes within hours.
Once you get them started with opening, they don't stop! You can literally see the changes in the flowers from one hour to the next. 

3. Some garden roses are a little sad and droopy.
Some roses, typically the red roses that you see in grocery stores around valentine's day, stand very upright with straight stems. You can see the center of every flower when you stand above the bouquet. This is not always the case with garden roses. As a characteristic of some varieties, their large, heavy flower heads can spread out wildly in all directions, with flexible, bent necks that don't hold the flower heads upright. Once you know what to expect, it becomes part of their charm.

4. Garden roses are unpredictable, fleeting beauties.
The vase life of garden roses is anywhere between 3 and 12 days. Out of all flower varieties, garden roses are not the longest-lasting, nor the easiest to time regarding longevity. That's why we give specific recommendations on when to have your garden roses delivered if you are planning to use them for a wedding or event (check each variety for delivery advice).

We wish you and your garden roses a magical time together!